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Oh Great!! - Another Goofball!!

Before you begin to feel you're listening to the ramblings of another religious nutbag, hear me out for a moment.

If I told you only the inhabitants of this planet call it Earth, and the rest of intelligent life in the universe calls it Urantia, you would start thinking that I'm a couple bubbles short of being carbonated.

At least listen to my story. As a young adult, I was wandering around with the same questions we all have about God, the Bible, an afterlife, theology, religion, and faith. I was raised a Catholic, however, there were far too many questions unanswered about their doctrine and life in general to hook me into the fold. "IT IS- BECAUSE WE SAY IT IS" and "JUST ACCEPT IT" didn't cut it with me. I became a student of many religions. I studied Judism, Buddism, Moslem, Hindu, Shinto, Euro-American "Modern" Christianities, Native-American, Mormon, Scientology, and dabbled in the off-Cults, attempting to find answers that made sense. However, all of these religions left much unanswered and demanded too much blind faith for my liking. Despite some of the obvious beauties of true faith and belief, I still felt I needed logical explanations to this mysterious universe we live in.

During this time, a group of close friends starting rattling off some pretty bizarre debates on theology and religion at parties. Not wanting to be the fool, I asked them where in creation they were coming up with these off-the-wall theories and ideas. They turned me on to the Urantia Book.

Their ideas and discussions were fascinating, what they said made sense and seemed to answer questions left unanswered in my previous searching.

I got a copy of the book and being the skeptic that I am, decided to find the book's flaws and B.S.. My friends were much too happy about their revelations to suit me, I was going to blow their euphoria out of the water. It can not be as simple as "The 5th Eupochal revelation of Earth." - I was going to prove this book can not be what it is claimed to be.

Herein lies the rub. Even though the book is a difficult piece of reading, with over 2000 pages, advanced vocabulary and complex sentence structure, I read on, and was pleasantly surprised at how much sense this book made about the most difficult questions we face as mortals. I could not put it down, and over time, read it cover to cover.

For me, the Urantia Book answered such difficult questions as;

1. Who and what am I, and what the hell am I doing here?

2. What are we going to do next?

3. Hey! Why are things so screwed up?

4. Is all this really worth the effort?

5. Plus countless other religious, ethical, and philosophical solutions.

The Vatican, the Bible (and I have read it) , Allah, Buddha, Krisna, and all the rest, never closely approached the sense and logic of this book. It is more of a clarification of everything, than a contradiction to anything.

I feel fortunate to have found this book and glad I took the time to read it. I have never made better use of my time than reading The Urantia Book. It changed my life, opened my mind, and finally instilled a true sense of faith in my heart. It's content offered no support for skepticism and gave me a peace of mind no other publication ever has. It is by far the best book I have ever read. (And believe me- I'm a tough customer)

The foundation that prints this book is a cool bunch of people that do not go zealot on you. They will NOT strive to save you, bug you for bucks, attempt to convert you, knock on your doors, junk mail you, telemarket you, chase you through airports, or condemn you for not bowing to dogma. All they want to do is put out the book in it's original form so others may read it. If you like it, tell others, if you don't, tell others also.

All I can say is I loved it, it put to rest a lot of the turmoil I think we all have due to the shortcomings in logic, sense and facts that current religious practices exhibit.

I am not going to go on about the facts behind this amazing piece of reading material, just check out these links and decide for yourself. If only one person finds the satisfaction I did from this book, then this is all worth while!


Take Some Time - Give It A Chance!

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