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Music; "Brothers In Arms" by Dire Straights

Your Attention Please!!!!

Aren't We All???

There is no such thing as a bad bike (excluding stolen ones). In a group of people that stresses freedom, personal choice and individuality, I for one am tired of the closed minded behavior of the new generation biker. To me, we are all brothers (and sisters) in the wind. Be it the road rashed veteran on his FLH, the retired folks on their Wing, the tourist on his BMW, the kid on the crotch rocket, the whacko on the "whatsthat", or the novice on the scooter, I am happy to see another soul enjoying the unequaled experience of being up on two. Times have changed, thousands of Americans get paychecks building foreign motorcycles out of American made parts, Fuji bank bailed out our only American manufacturer, and the aftermarket picks up the rest of the slack. Love your bike and defend your reasons for loving it, but don't hassle and vandalize others because they see the road from a different viewpoint. Variety is the spice of life, let others enjoy their God-given right of personal choice. Bashing another for what they ride is as ignorant as being arrogant for what you ride. Live and ride free and extend the courtesy to others. (My .02)

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