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Music: "Chariots Of Fire" by Vangellis

Valkyrie Maidenhead

* This piece of art was stolen from Debra at Just-In. -Check out all her nice stuff! (link below)


98 Honda Valkyrie Tourer - Black & Chrome

Made in the U.S.A.

One ride is all it took - never ridden anything like it! This Fat Lady now occupies parking stall #1 in my stable. By far the best bike I've had for enjoying freedom of flight.

She'll make you work for a livin' in the parking lot, (if you can clear a path through the admirerers), and her six carbs give her a drinking problem. However, as an open-road dancer she's in class of her own, with superb handling and braking characteristics, unrivaled power, and head-turning appeal. Riding 2-up is a breeze with her size and torgue. I promised to ride stock this year and start accessorizing next year (right!) I'm already past $2K in add-ons (it's love) Guess I should join A.A. (accessories anonymous)

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